Week in Pics : Arrivals and Departures

This week we see the arrival of a new lodge in Botswana, and the departure of the arid season. Greenery is sprouting and forcing its way through the bushveld, and there’s new life across all our reserves. Our team in the Klaserie have been upskilling themselves when it comes to creating safari cocktails, and our new camp in Botswana is a welcome arrival. So many varying facets of the safari lifestyle!

The highlight of this week has been the new addition to the Sun Destinations portfolio of properties. This new lodge is Mankwe Bush Lodge, located on the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta, a renowned World Heritage Site in Botswana. We look forward to the images and videos to emerge from this humble lodge forming part of our Trails of Botswana route.

Klaserie Camps, Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp, have enjoyed a spate of lion and leopard sightings. The Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses continue to reward rangers and guests with their presence, and have definitely found a permanent territory around these camps. The Mbiri males were also spotted, full of crimson encrusted fur from a recent kill! Amidst all of the wildlife sightings, the team from both camps managed to enjoy a lesson in gin pairing at the Bush Bar – a necessary skill to have to ensure guests receive the perfectly crafted cocktail.

Umkumbe Safari Lodge observed a pack of wild dogs taking down a bushbuck on the periphery of camp. They tracked the dogs to a waterhole, where they managed to get a close-up sighting of the dogs replenishing their thirst.

Chacma Bush Camp and Africa on Foot Wilderness Trails continue to enjoy game viewing success in the Maseke Balule Game Reserve. Chacma enjoys frequent elephant herd sightings at the waterhole in front of camp, but has just recently witnessed an influx of buffalo to the area. This is possibly because there’s plenty of new greenery about and grasses needing mowing!

Without further ado, here is our “Week in Pics”.

Cleo Africa on Foot Honey Badger Klaserie Buffalo at Chacma Bush Camp Chacma Elephant Owl in the Darkness at Chacma Watching Buffalo and Elephant Chacma Mankwe Bush Lodge Gin Tasting at nThambo Cleo at nThamboAfrican Wild Dogs at Umkumbe