Week in Pics : The Iconic Animals of the Safari World

When you’re traversing new reserves and scoping out a wealth of bird species, there’s bound to be a delay in the delivery of “Week in Pics”. We’ve made up for our 2 day delay by presenting you with recent images of the iconic animals of the safari world. We’ve got a portfolio of striking images of leopards, lions, hyena cubs and hefty buffalo that we’re dying to reveal.

Our three Klaserie camps, nThambo Tree Camp, Africa on Foot and Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp; have enjoyed numerous leopard sightings over the past week. Africa on Foot and nThambo spotted Cleo, Bundu and an unknown leopard. It wasn’t only leopard that snuck its way into this week’s sightings, but also our lions. The main lion protagonists this week included the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses. At Ivory Wilderness Warren spent time with a young female leopardess, observing her every move. Ivory Wilderness has also enjoyed a plethora of plains game sightings in recent weeks.

Interestingly enough, at all three Klaserie camps there were noteworthy sightings of hyena cubs frolicking just outside their den sites.

Chacma Bush Camp and Africa on Foot Wilderness Trails both operate within the Maseke Game Reserve, a reserve with a heavy presence of elephant herds. Chacma has, yet again, enjoyed plenty of elephant sightings in front of camp. It seems to be a theme at Chacma! The newly established Wilderness Trails have witness many unique wildlife sightings while traversing the undulating landscape on foot.

Ezulwini Game Lodges have been indulging in the spoils of their recent camera trap sightings, and sightings have included: leopard, honey badger, scrub hares and small nocturnal creatures. A young male lion was spotted resting under the Ezulwini River Lodge sign which provided the perfect photographic opportunity.

The Botswana camps continue to enjoy plenty of bird sightings, and the waterways of the Delta are always rich with wildlife.

After a brief catch up, we’d now like to share our latest slew of images courtesy of our rangers and photographers.

Dinner at Africa on Foot Wilderness Trails Riverside Dinner on Trails

Buffalo at Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp Buffalo at nThambo Tree Camp Carmine Beeeater Xobega Island Camp Oxpecker and Boss on Buffalo Maseke Males at Chacma Bush Camp Elephant Tusk - Chacma Bush Camp Africa on Foot Elephants Ivory Wilderness African Fish Eagle Hyena Cubs Klaserie Ivory Wilderness Cub Leopard at Ivory Wilderness Unknown leopard Klaserie Ross Pride Breakaway Lionesses Marabou Storks Xobega Max Roberts Lion Elephant at nThambo Tree Camp Africa on Foot Unknown Leopard