Week in Pictures: A Walk on the Wild Side

It’s been yet another bumper week in the bush, with the highlights being 1) the sighting of two tiny wild dog pups at their den near Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp; and 2) the sight of a leopard cub with a kill in a tree near Umkumbe Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand. What can we say? Baby animals get the hearts pounding and the cameras clicking, and everyone walks away a happy camper.

Less cute and cuddly are the buffaloes, which have been moving in their big herds throughout the Klaserie. Their impenetrable stares are always full of suspicion, and one can never quite read their mood. Our suggestion: treat them with caution!

Birds and chameleons come in next with much appreciation, because the bush just would not be complete without its smaller, most beautiful members. From smallest to biggest: elephants are a firm favourite all over Africa. Their pure size and unexpected elegance humbles any audience and creates the biggest memories.

Saving the best for last: our resident lionesses in the Klaserie were seen stalking buffalo (only to turn and run for their lives!), and the mega pride known as Olifants West was seen rough and tumbling around the Balule with Ezulwini Game Lodges. At nDzuti Safari Camp, one of the most unique sightings took our breath away when a leopard was grunted at by a hippo, only to respond with his own call into the darkness… needless to say the hippo kept its mouth shut after that.

Take a look at the Week in Pictures!

Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Notten's female leopard

White dam cub in a tree with kill

Waterbuck male

Yellow-billed hornbill

nThambo Tree Camp

Buffalo through the bush

Black and white elephants

Wild dog pups exploring

Ross lioness stalking

Woolly necked stork taking off

nDzuti Safari Camp

Elephant hide

Giraffe and zebra

White-crested helmet shrike

Side-striped jackal

Africa on Foot

Leopard on the move

Eye of the buffalo

Flap neck chameleon

Wild dog den guard

Giant eagle owl at dusk

Ezulwini Game Lodges

Pod of hippo

Elephant breeding herd

Olifants West lions playing around

Waterbuck cow and calf

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  1. Alison McKenna
    Alison McKenna 3 years ago .Reply

    Absolutely exquisite photographs. What a privilege it is to have these shared with us – thank you!

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