Week in Pictures: Best of Black and White

Inspiring photography that captures the essence of the big game safari experience. Sometimes it’s the glare of a short-tempered lion, or the flight of a steenbok as it springs weightlessly from the ground in a mad dash to find cover. Perhaps it’s the swoosh of of an elephant’s bristly tail against its leathery skin, or the calcified knobs decorating the face of an aged giraffe. The unpredictable glint in a leopard’s eye, the bounding playfulness of the endangered wild dog, the bellow of a buffalo, or the ripples left behind by a hippo as it dips under the surface of the water.

Whatever it is that imprints on your memory after a safari, it is a vision of Africa. Our talented photographers work to capture those moments in one image, as a still copy of an encounter with nature. This edition of the Week in Pictures is a celebration of safari memories, captured in black and white, tinted with nostalgia, and finished with artistic excellence. Enjoy this collaboration from our outstanding camps and lodges in the Kruger Park and Botswana.

nThambo Tree Camp

Trilogy male in the thicket

Elephants drinking in Klaserie

Portrait of a wild dog

Thirsty baby elephant


Afrika Ecco Safaris

Pair of steenbok in Deception Valley

Lion cubs of the Kalahari

Lady of the Delta

Elephant in the Delta

Ezulwini Game Lodges

Up close elephant

Male lion at night at Ezulwini

Buffalo cooling down

Leopard escaping wild dogs at Ezulwini

Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Dagha boy

White Dam leopardess at Umkumbe

Elephant and calf

Warthog Wallow, female leopard at Umkumbe

Africa on Foot

Giraffe affection

Trilogy male, midnight feast

The Good, old leader of the Ross Pride

Elephant reflection in Klaserie