Week in Pictures : Bushveld Peace Amidst Festive Mayhem

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes a flurry of activity, chaotic lifestyles and a sense of a relief that the year is finally drawing to a close. The bushveld? Well, that always seems to maintain its calm demeanor and a place to find a sense of solace. The only flurry of activity you’ll find in the thickets of the Kruger and the waterways of the Okavango channels, is from the frenetic flocks of birds. Who needs the endless Christmas lights when we have glowing lanterns lining the pathways between tents? Who needs sleigh bells when you have the thunderous grumble of a lion’s roar? 

Where ever you are, celebrating or not celebrating the holiday season, take time out from your day and absorb the essence of the bushveld through these spectacular images. Because we all need a bit of bushveld peace amidst the festive mayhem.

Umkumbe Safari Lodge has enjoyed 30 mm of rain over the past two weeks and it’s evident in the latest photos supplied by ranger Marius Zeilinga. As a matter of fact, all of the Kruger camps received a much needed bout of rain. The landscapes have an injection of colour, making our photographers’ images a bit more vibrant.

Umkumbe Safari Lodge, Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp have all enjoyed a wealth of leopard during the course of the week. Sabi Sand leopard, Mxabene was spotted chilling in an area known as “Broken Dreams”, together with the ever graceful Kigelia. In the Klaserie, the Ross Dam leopardess was seen fighting to retrieve her kill from hyenas and dragging it up a tree. Both her cubs joined her for dinner.

A new development in the Klaserie regarding lions is proving to be quite interesting. The Hercules Pride emerged from their territory deep in the Klaserie Nature Reserve, and ventured onto the Africa on Foot traverse , giving guests a brilliant sighting of these notoriously fierce lions. The Hercules Pride have been spotted quite regularly over the past week. The Mapoza males are still around and so are the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses. Big cat fever is upon us, despite the rains, which often see the cats seeking shelter.

Botswana is thriving and there are plenty of developments under way. The scenery and raw landscape of the Kwatale Conservancy nestled between Moremi and Nxai Pan is where Tuskers Bush Camp is located. The area is reminiscent of ancient Africa – untouched, unmarred by civilisation and unscarred by humans. We decided to celebrate the surrounds and construct a rustic, unobtrusive bush bar; which is bound to enthrall our guests.

Tuskers Bush Camp have had plenty of activity from elephant herds at the pan in front of camp. The lions have been actively contact calling during the dead of night and appear to be getting closer to camp.

The resident elephant on Xobega Island Camp was spotted during a morning walk a few days ago. Birdlife is in abundance – but then again, it is the Okavango Delta! The claps of thunder and bolts of lightning hit the stormy surfaces of the Okavango Delta with such a force and vengeance. This provided ample photographic opportunities and plenty of scurrying of wildlife!

Enjoy your weekend and we hope you love the images.

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

Impala Lily Klaserie White-backed Vulture Africa on Foot

Leopard Africa on Foot

Africa on Foot Hyena

Kori Bustard nThambo Hercules Pride nThambo White-backed Vulture nThambo Wild Dog nThambo


Umkumbe Safari Lodge 

Elephants in Sabi Sand Giraffe in Sabi Sand Mxabene Leopard - Sabi Sand Wading Bird Umkumbe

Xobega Island Camp and Tuskers Bush Camp

Xobega Birds in the Okavango DeltaTuskers Bush Camp ElephantsElephant at Xobega Island Camp Tuskers Bush Camp Bush Bar

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