Week in Pictures: My African Dream

Another week in the wild is coming to an end and now we have the opportunity to reflect on the best of the week’s photography! Capturing moments where lights, camera, and action come together in the natural world and freeze moments in time. With spring around the corner, we’re seeing the end of a very short winter and anxiously await the rain in the months ahead. The bush maintains its beauty, even in times of drought, and when dusty sunsets blanket the earth and paint it the colour of candy floss, we forgive the treacherous heat of the day and welcome the chill of the night air.

We have the privilege of traversing some of Southern Africa’s most coveted wildlife areas, and it is an honour to share the beauty of this wild continent with you. Here is a list of the Top 4 shots from a each of our select safari lodges in the Greater Kruger Park and Botswana. Enjoy the Week in Picture: My African Dream.

Umkumbe Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Kruger. 

A Mhangeni lioness completes her river crossing with a powerful leap out of the water, making for a wonderful photographic opportunity

The amber-eyed gaze of a rare cheetah seen relaxing on the reserve. Perfection.

A dagha boy reminds us that he is one menacing member of the Big 5 with a death stare to remember

An elephant calf gets waist-deep in the Sand River water as the whole herd crosses from bank to bank

Africa on Foot, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Kruger.

The golden-haired lion king strikes a solitary figure as he moves through the Klaserie

Sunset in the Klaserie spent with striking herd of zebra

The softer side of a buffalo emerges in this gentle look from the otherwise formidable herbivore

Ross Dam's cub waits patiently for his mother to return, staying well hidden

nThambo Tree Camp, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Kruger.

One of the Mapoza males settles for some shut eye after filling up on a meal of buffalo

A waterbuck bull turns to follow the sun after a brief look in our direction

A pair of zebras stand, illuminated, in the early evening sun

A shy leopard cub peers out of the thicket and lays low until his mother returns

Ezulwini Game Lodges, Balule Nature Reserve, Kruger. 

The famous 'Zazu': a yellow-billed hornbill strikes a pose in the morning sunlight

Refreshment by the galleon in the Balule where elephants congregate at the pans and waterholes to wash down the kilograms of plant matter they eat daily. A magnificent image of Africa's greatest land mammal.

A final flare of magnificence to compete a perfect day on safari

Tuskers Bush Camp, NG43 Concession, Botswana

The incredibly diverse trunk of an elephant subtly picking up scents in the air

A lilac-breasted roller perches, compact, on an available branch as the morning warms up

A leopard finds a comfortable nook in a marula tree to while away the afternoon

A uniquely striped zebra bows its head in preparation to mow the grass in the Tuskers concession

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