Wild Dog Pups Seen in the Klaserie

The discovery of wild dog pups in the Klaserie has led to much excitement among the rangers at Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp. Reports and sightings of predator kills have always been a firm favourite with our readers and guests. However, it’s always nice bring you news of birth rather than death! The circle of life in the wild can be mean and harsh; so these bundles of joy have bought many smiles and much happiness to all and sundry. To see young animals thriving and surviving in the wild is always a memorable occasion .

A week ago the rangers saw the pack hovering around a disused aardvark burrow and noticed a heavily lactating female. This led us to believe there was the presence of pups. There was speculation that the pups were very, very tiny because there was no sign of movement from the burrow. Pups need the safety and security of the burrow to fully develop, which is why there was no activity from the youngsters. The pups are vulnerable which makes the rest of the pack acutely aware of protecting the newborns from predators. Out of respect for the pack, guides and rangers at Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp have decided to maintain a 30 metre distance from the den site. There is also only one access road to the area and only one vehicle at a time will be allowed at a sighting.

At the moment, there are recorded sightings of two pups. There could be more stashed inside the burrow but they’re just not ready to come out yet.

5 Facts About Wild Dog Pups:

  • Pups only leave the den area after 2.5 months because they need the security of the burrow and den to mature. They are blind and completely helpless when born, which means they are easy prey for predators.
  • Adult wild dogs take turns in hunting and guarding the den area. The “den guards” chase off potential predators.
  • The dogs which return from the hunt regurgitate chunks of meat in order to feed the pups. Pups, out of instinct and not hunger, whimper for food.
  • Wild dogs are co-operative breeders. This means that only the alpha male and female breed. The rest of the pack/clan are there to help with breeding.
  • Wild dogs use old termite minds that have been re-used by aardvarks. They’ll den in an abandoned burrow and line the area with grass and leaves; making it comfortable for the pups.

    Wild Dog Puppies

    Puppies ! Managed to capture an amazing video of the wild dog pups. These adorable little bundles of joy are slowly emerging from their den site. Cutest video of the month ! Thanks Kevin for the footage. http://www.africaonfoot.com

    Posted by Sun Destinations on Monday, 20 July 2015

    Wild Dog Pups

    Wild Dog Puppies

    Wild dog lies in the grass near den site

    Wild Dog Den

    Wild Dog

    Den Guard

    Wild Dog Pups