A New Look for Xobega Island Camp, Okavango Delta

Xobega Island Camp’s new look! This Okavango Delta retreat is everything that is right about African island life – including the elephant and hippo visitors! Recently, Xobega Island Camp underwent some soft refurbishments, adding some glamour to its simple setup. Now, this authentic Botswana camp, which exudes the pleasures of simple living, glows under lantern light, and enjoys the warm touches provided by new floor rugs, cushions, dinner settings, bed linen, mosquito nets, and bar service. Take a look and get swept away…

Xobega Island Camp dining tent

Xobega Island’s dining tent exudes warmth and old world elegance with the simple additions of hanging basket lamp shades, an antique-style bar service trolley, and those classic canvas director’s chairs. Surrounded by the wilderness, of course!

Xobega Island Camp guest tent

The sandy floor paves the way to your tent at night. Located under the tall, riverine trees, the simple fly tents keep things classic as you camp in comfort on this wild Okavango Delta island. 

Xobega Island guest tent interior

Inside the tents, twin beds await under the comforting blanket of a mosquito net, encapsulating guests at night and keeping their sleep-zones bug free! This is the Delta, and Xobega is perhaps a camp for the more adventurous guests, so with the wilderness come the creatures that live in it. Luckily, Xobega is equipped for comfort, keeping the buzzing bugs at bay.

Xobega Island en suite bush bathroom

The guest bathrooms at Xobega are simple extensions to each tent. The canvas walls offer privacy, while the open-air ceiling allows the presence of nature, trees, and birds to be a part of every bucket shower! The eco-friendly nature of the camp keeps things at a basic minimum, but the magic of the Delta remains the true appeal of the camp.

Xobega Island guest tent interior

The canvas tents have drop-down canvas windows, which are covered by fly-screen and look out onto the surrounding bush. The en suite bush bathroom is separated from the tent by a drop-down canvas flap offering ease and convenience during the night.

Xobega Island guest tent

Each guest tent is located in among the trees of Xobega Island, keeping things idyllically wild! The beauty of this Okavango Delta destination is how it embraces nature.

Dining tent at Xobega Island Camp

The breakfast table is ready for guests to be seated and place their orders with the waiter. The dining tent is lit up as the sun rises, and the service table is set with fruit, yoghurt and cereal for guests to help themselves to the first course of breakfast. What a fantastic place to enjoy your first meal of the day!

Dining tent at Xobega Island Camp

Every area of Xobega is located between the trees to maintain an earthy, natural feel. Guests follow the pathways through the bush from their tent to the dining tent where they sit to enjoy breakfast before a morning boat cruise.

Dining tent at Xobega Island Camp

At dinner time, a variety of bar options are laid out in a traditionally, old-world manner, reminiscing of an era gone but not forgotten. The fire is lit in the boma to the side of the dining tent, allowing the free-flow of guests between the fireplace and the dining table.

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