Cupid in Camp on Valentine’s Day. We “Heart” These Pics!

This Valentine’s Day, we’d like to extend our love to all and sundry. We’ve jumped on the “we heart you” bandwagon, and have decided to share a few images from recent romance shoots at two of our camps – Ezulwini Game Lodges and Africa on Foot. Valentine’s Day is a mass-marketed day of celebration that sees sales of cheap teddy bears soaring through the roof. We agree that love for your significant other should be shared on a daily basis, but it’s also nice to have an extra reason to celebrate! When you breeze through the sea of crimson displayed on shelves, and walk past passionate red ribbons strangling the necks of plush toys; it can be somewhat claustrophobic. But there’s actually a perfectly valid reason as to why the western world celebrates love on Feb 14th, and it dates back to the year 496. So…Indulge in a bit of history, share your affection with your friends, family and other half; and put a smile on your face while you grapple that rose stem with your teeth.

There are many stories and speculation as to why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’re going with the story that reads like a Romeo and Juliet tragedy. A fight for love.

Aeons ago, Emperor Claudius II banned marriage. Marriage distracted his men, and turned them into terrible soldiers. And in those days, protecting and serving was paramount. The die-hard romantic, St Valentine felt this was an unfair judgement. He broke the rules and arranged for soldiers and their fair maidens to get married in secret. When the cold-hearted emperor found out about St Valentine’s “shady” activities, Valentine was cast aside and thrown into jail. During his incarceration he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On Feb 14th Valentine was sentenced to death and he sent his love a romantic letter signed “From your Valentine”.

Ezulwini Game Lodges set-up a sundowner drinks and snack session at the Paradise viewing deck. The deck enjoys expansive views of the Balule wilderness and golden hour provides the perfect lighting for a spot of romance. The perfect place for a couple seeking a private, romantic experience. This couple also enjoyed a private drinks session on the banks of the river.

Valentines Ezulwini Deck Valentines Ezulwini Game Lodgs Valentines Day in Balule

Africa on Foot was the scene for another romantic safari session. The new pool area at the camp lies adjacent to the treehouse, and is the perfect hideaway ideal for relaxing. The tranquility of the water, serenity of the lush bushveld, and lanterns for atmosphere created an idyllic setting for Valentine’s Day. Our happy guests sipped on bubbly while toasting their love in a magical atmosphere.

Valentines Africa on Foot Valentines Day Africa On Foot Valentines Day Klaserie Cheers Valentines Day Klaserie Traverse Valentines Day Lanterns Africa on Foot Swimming Pool Africa on Foot Swimming Pool Romantic Shoot in Klaserie Valentines Day Sunset Klaserie Swimming Pool at Africa on Foot in Klaserie Valentines Day Swimming Pool