Dagha Boys in the Delta at Xobega Island Camp

Buffalo bulls that group together are commonly known as dagha boys, which originates from their habit of rolling in mud – ‘dagha’ is the word for mud in Zulu, therefore, giving them this apt nickname!

In the Delta, buffaloes are in heaven where they have abounding grass plains to graze on and many waterways and mud wallows in which to bathe. As is the case all the way through Africa, buffaloes are favoured by lions as a source of food, and in certain areas of the Okavango Delta, lions have learned how to hunt buffaloes in water, where they are more vulnerable.

The ominous stare of a buffalo bull

Here, at Xobega Island Camp, boat cruises through the Delta pass open areas of land where buffaloes, lechwe, elephant, and zebra are perhaps the most common mammals around. This group of big buffalo bulls, aka dagha boys, had clearly been rolling in a bit of mud and were accompanied by their constant companions, the oxpeckers.

It is often said that buffaloes have a menacing stare, and typically, they stare long and hard at their audience with a look like they owe them money! These members of the big 5 are not afraid of a fight and are known to charge without warning, so as much as they may look like big cows, they have certainly earned their place among Africa’s most dangerous animals!

Getting eyeballed by a dagha boy in the Delta

Buffalo grazing in the Delta

A buffalo bull with his ever-present companion, the oxpecker

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