Last month we produced a blog post about game viewing in the Klaserie during November. It’s time now to summarize our December sightings. We often get asked by potential guests when it is best to go on safari in South Africa. During the Summer, which is the rainy season, the density of the vegetation affects our ability to see animals. However, even in the Klaserie there are always a plethora of sightings.

Thanks to Christina and the rangers for their consistent updates and recordings of sightings, we can now bring you our December game viewing highlights in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

Summary of 3 days spent at Africa on Foot



Summary of 3 days spent at nThambo Tree Camp



4 Dec: Lions – The Good is spotted while on a game drive

Chad, from nThambo, reported: “Today ‘The Good’ and one of the Ross Pride females were spotted while on a game drive. There were also two other females and two sub adult males. ”


Lions - the Good and the Bad

The Good Spotted on a Game Drive not far from the nThambo Tree Camp


8 Dec:

The rangers from Africa on Foot and nThambo report yet another sequence of incredible sightings. A pack of wild dogs were seen hunting and making a kill. Chad, from nThambo Tree Camp, spent over an hour with the pack and observed them trying to dig a warthog out of its burrow. After little success with the warthog they decided to run down an impala.



17 Dec

Today delievered a surprising sighting. The rangers came across an unknown pride of lions, believed to be the Timbavati Lion Pride. They were located We came across this unknown lion pride in our drive the other day. Hope you enjoy our video of the Timbavati Lion Pride.



20 Dec: The day the white lion cub was discovered

To date, this has probably been our most exceptional sighting. We have recently confirmed that the new White Lion Cub in the Klaserie belongs to the Ross Pride of lions. Click here to find out more about this white lion sighting.


White Lion Cub Spotted in the Klaserie

Fantastic Sighting of a White Lion Cub in the Klaserie


24 Dec: An emerging big Tusker appears next to camp

An emerging big Tusker (collared) was discovered close to the Africa on Foot camp and Dave (our videographer) caught it all on camera.



27 December: Lion sighting – Giraffe males spotted close to nThambo Tree Camp

The rangers from nThambo Tree Camp managed to photograph a few of the Giraffe males close to camp. They have been seen on quite a few occassions in and around camp. This could get interesting !


Giraffe Male Seen at nThambo Tree Camp

One of the Giraffe Males Spotted Outside of the nThambo Tree Camp


28 December: Four leopards in one sighting at Africa on Foot

Today Christina and Darryn spotted four leopards devouring an impala carcass. Cleo, the female was seen with her two cubs and the father, Shaka was also spotted. For more information about this sighting please revert to our blog post about leopards in the Klaserie.


Cleo the Leopard on a Hunt

Cleo the Leopard Spotted on a Hunt