Elephant Pool Party in the Klaserie

It’s unbelievable how the brief rains in the Klaserie completely transformed the bush. The dams and waterholes slowly evaporated until they were merely cracked shells of their former existence, and after a decent downpour, many of the pans and waterholes have filled up and retained their water providing ample place for water-loving elephants to swim. The elephant sightings at Africa on Foot have soared since the rains, and guests have enjoyed numerous sightings of them splashing, drinking, and swimming in the water.

They show their emotions on an almost-human level. Youngsters become overjoyed at the sight of the water and throw their weight around to get as much splash as possible, while the older siblings challenge each other with head-to-head wrestling matches. It is all in good fun and high spirits as they celebrate the presence of the water. Ranger Mike explains this to his guests as they sit in the game viewer and admire the elephants surrounding them. Another memorable moment out on game drive!

Adolescent bulls play-fight on the edge of the dam

Youngsters playing around in the water

Bombs away!

Sheer joy being able to swim in the water once again

Elephants get right in to cross the water

Elephants getting excited to have so much water after the rains

Herd of elephants gathers at the water's edge to drink

Bull elephants can't contain their excited emotions and engage in play fighting

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