White Lioness Spotted Mating with Trilogy Male

This is breaking news if there ever was any: One of the Trilogy male lions was seen mating with a white lioness this morning, as guests at Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp enjoyed front row seats! It’s not everyday we get to witness the rare white lion unique to this region in Africa, and to watch them (hopefully!) procreating is a real bonus. Having the freedom to roam the Kruger, the Trilogy males and the Giraffe Pride have moved around to where they would be most comfortable during the drought, and now, after a bit of rain, we’ve the lions nearer their old territory.

Trilogy male lion pursues the white lioness to mate


Strolling off into the sunrise

The ritualistic snarling and growling that takes place during mating

The Trilogy is assumed to have lost one of its members. The last sighting of the third male showed him in a poor condition, after battling through the drought with an injured hip, and the remaining two males have since been seen without him. These male lions were seen last week feeding on a buffalo carcass with the Giraffe Pride and their cubs (sired by the Trilogy), and since leaving the carcass, one Trilogy male has partnered off with one of the white lionesses and the happy couple wandered back into our traverse.

The mating pair retreating to the grass

Africa on Foot guests have a front row seat to the performance

Trilogy male lion pursues the white lioness to mate

A second Giraffe lioness was seen with them, and it is thought that she might also be in oestrus and waiting to mate with the dominant male lion. The sun was rising with a perfect glow, capturing the lions in the best light and giving the Africa on Foot and nThambo guests a superb show.

The third lion on the scene - a tawny female from the Giraffe Pride

The tawny lioness, also from the Giraffe Pride, hangs back as the couple separate to mate

The furious growling and snarling sounds penetrated the air, and the flirtatious flicking of the lioness’ tail demonstrated just what her intentions were. The pair of lions will dutifully mate over several days at regular 20-minute intervals, becoming a tiresome, yet necessary part of life at the top of the food chain!

Three's a crowd... Trilogy male with white and tawny lioness from the Giraffe Pride

A fatigued white lioness relaxes in the grass

Handsome profile of Trilogy male lion

Trilogy lion and white lioness mating

Trilogy male looks back at his audience after the deed is done

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