Feeling the Frequency of the Kwatale Concession

Tuskers Bush Camp lies deep within Botswana’s unexplored tract of land in the Kwatale Concession and is proving to be quite consistent with big game sightings. Large bovids, intelligent pachyderms and elusive cats are beginning to, more so than ever, emerge from the thickets and reveal their presence.

The frequency of sightings has definitely improved since the camp’s inception, which clearly indicates that wildlife sees no threat with out existence. The pan in front of the camp is a major drawcard for our big cats. It’s not uncommon for guests to pull up a canvas chair, put their feet up and watch the stream of plains game filter down to the pan. It’s like watching a live wildlife documentary! As the sun sets and the fires are lit in the boma area, that’s the time to watch out for lions.

The lions have been hanging around camp recently. When the air is still and night is pitch black, that’s when you hear the contact calling – and its been happening consistently for days on end.  These Tusker lions are hovering around the perimeter of camp and their raspy roars are quite audible. Their powerful calls can not only be heard, but also felt rippling through the sandy surrounds.

Dan said, “On one of the nights, we were all standing in the car park, listening carefully for their whereabouts and the next thing we heard a huge herd of buffalo stampeding. After ten minutes we actually heard the lions again and took the game viewer out to locate the cats. We searched high and low; and couldn’t find them. Their calls could be heard and we knew we were close. Suddenly, two meters in front of us two figures stood up.”

Of course, the lions being fairly skittish meant that Dan was unable to capture the magic moments on camera. The lions rapidly disappeared into the scrub before the cameras were ready. The two lions were the blonde male and female – they probably wanted a bit of privacy to continue their mating session! It appears the pair are using the animal paths through the untamed bushveld and not the open road, making it tricky for us to track them.

Sandy-haired bush loving photographer, Daniel Dugmore is based at Tuskers Bush Camp and will be going out on a guided walk to track our resident pride. He is on a mission to document their activity. In the words of dear Dan – “This place is pumping with sightings!”.

In between the lion drama, the sightings of other wildlife is definitely on the rise.

The vibrations of roaring cats, waves caused by hippos in the pan brimming with water and the gentle oscillation of the branches teeming with birds certainly makes us feel the frequency of the Kwatale Concession!

Hippo at Tuskers Tuskers Lone Giraffe Giraffe - Open Plains Buffalo in the Light Herd of Buffalo Botswana Tuskers Buffalo Herds


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