#GuestSafariReview : Jonas Loved Africa on Foot Wilderness Trails

When we were trawling through our guest images on Instagram we stumbled across Jonas Koeln’s images of his time at Africa on Foot Wilderness Trails. These images gave us a real life window into what the trails are all about. Gemma reached out to Jonas and asked for a synopsis of their time on trails, and he was more than happy to engage with us. Be like Jonas and come join us on Africa on Foot Wilderness trails – an immersive and wild experience; hosted and guided by professionals.

Here is our #GuestSafariReview, fresh from the Insta archives : 

Hi Gem! Of course you can use my pictures! We loved the Safari!

My favorite was an elefant sighting we had while walking. One came as close a as 5 meters because he was curious. Just fantastic to be so in touch with nature! I’ve been exploring Africa more over the past year and find a fascinating continent that is so versatile. We spend three weeks in South Africa on the last trip, starting of with Africa On Foot and then driving the Garden Route and enjoying Cape Town.

Have a wonderful day, Jonas.


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