#GuestSafariReview Mike and Fiona Return to nThambo Tree Camp

Yesterday we shared Mike and Fiona Calrk’s review about Ezulwini Game Lodges in the Balule Nature Reserve. Today we’re sharing Mike and Fiona’s review of nThambo Tree Camp, one of their favourite camps in the Greater Kruger. They’re repeat guests that have become regulars at nThambo, having visited since the camp’s inception. 

Here is their #GuestSafariReview 

Great to get a quick visit at nThambo on our recent visit to South Africa. We started visiting nThambo when it was first built and try to get back as much as possible, the only trouble now is its so popular, its really difficult to get a booking unless you book in advance. A glowing reference in itself.

However we were lucky enough to squeeze in a 1 night stay into out itinerary. And what a great day it was. In the 1 night we were there we were lucky to see the big 5.  A couple arriving had been lucky to see Nyleti, the resident female Leopard just outside camp as they drove in, so we set out looking for her as our sole aim for the drive. Unfortunately she had decided to become elusive!!

So Issac decided we should go looking for lions – the Mbiri males had been seen earlier in the day. To our surprise on our way to relocate the lions we stumbled upon a young female Leopard. She was quite shy to begin with, hiding in the bushes, just giving us that typical shot of an eye and a few spots to photograph. But patience paid off – she became very relaxed and got up in front of us, scent marked a tree and then strolled around for a while. A great sighting.

After she had disappeared back into the bush we continued on to see if we could find the lions – and we did. The 2 majestic Mbiri males walking along the road. They were both a bit battle scarred, fighting to protect their territory and the cubs that they have fathered – both looking in good health. We spent some time with them, as they relaxed on the road, then set of on a mission to find some prey for their evening meal. By that time is was time for our meal too, so we set off back to camp.

Another great visit to nThambo – what more can we say.

nThambo Buffalo nThambo Leopard Nyeleti nThambo Lions Male Lions at nThambo nThambo Male Lions nThambo Nyeleti