NEW Safari Lodge Interiors at Africa on Foot and nThambo

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp sit within the heart of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, a revered safari destination known for its big cat, birding and Big 5 sightings. It’s not uncommon to visit the reserve and spot the Big 5 within a 3-day stay. Sister camps Africa on Foot and nThambo are well-established within the area, and offer guests an opportunity to enjoy morning bush walks, game drives and unique accommodation in wooden chalets on stilts. Typically, guests do a combination stay at both camps to enjoy two different kinds of safari experiences (the traverse is the same). And with the new stylish design, the in-camp experience is now completely elevated.

Because the camps have been in operation for well over 10 years, they’ve roller coasted their way through a couple of design and interior changes. The latest refurb was completed in 2024—just a couple of months ago! And we couldn’t be happier with results. The camp’s talented interior designers successfully married practicality with environmentalism and the latest trends, while maintaining a timeless style that won’t become outdated. For the more on-trend items, it will be easy to update them if we transition to newer trends over the next 10 years. We’re pretty sure that striking this balance between being practical and designer was quite a task to achieve.

Over the years, design trends have changed dramatically. We’ve moved from away from that prominent modern farmhouse look that dominated the 2010 era, and ultra minimalism that emerged in the early 2000s.

When it comes to the practical design elements for safari camps and lodges, there’s a lot that needs to be considered. Using round light pendants made from tightly woven cane traps bugs, which can be time consuming to remove. Outdoor furniture needs to hardwearing or covered for when the summer thunderstorms hit in the Kruger.

Bright white outdoor cushions? Try brushing honey badger hair of those cushions when they decide to nap on the furniture. When it comes to interiors, it is crucial to always consider nature’s behavior, from elephants spraying muddy water to hyenas running through camp, and birds and bugs coming inside. Tasteful design always looks like an extension of its environment, never an intrusion. Textures bring in elements from the environment, neutral palettes focus on the beauty of the wild surroundings, and warm tones add that earthy touch.

What’s New with the Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp Interiors?

You’ll discover new furniture, soft furnishings, wall art, and decor throughout, along with necessary upgrades. Designers have certainly embraced the art of biomimicry, where nature inspires your colour choices. Both our Klaserie camps provide warm hospitality, exceptional guiding, game viewing, and delectable cuisine. Combined with their fresh designer aesthetic reflecting excellence in hospitality, the entire safari experience is now elevated.

At nThambo, the color palette introduces serene ink blues complemented by iconic olive greens – envision twilight skies meeting the African bushveld. Harmonious teals, coral oranges, and mustard tones infuse vibrancy and personality into both the main areas and chalets. It’s sophisticated, stylish and timeless.

Africa on Foot shares a similar design ethos, with a focus on terracotta and forest greens to complement its thatched and bricked architecture. The decor maintains a chic yet authentic atmosphere in line with its brand. Bold artworks, photographs, and locally crafted pieces adorn the space, serving as reminders of the surroundings. The adventurous treehouse has undergone a complete refurbishment and redesign, now exuding even more romance than before.

The design balance at both camps is remarkable, showcasing how contemporary and iconic African design harmonise seamlessly.

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