The Trilogy of Lions are Causing Drama for the Ross Pride

A lioness in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve

A lioness walks right past our safari vehicle.

There’s a buzz in the air in the vicinity of nThambo Tree Camp. Daily we are receiving updates about how the “Trilogy” of male lions are slowly creeping their way into the Ross Pride territory. It was subtle at first and now they are being quite bolshy about their intentions. Initially they appeared skittish with the rangers and game vehicles. It seems the Trilogy of lions are now relaxed and comfortable with the presence of outsiders. Do they feel at home in their new environment? Is that why they feel so comfortable?

The legendary leaders, The Good and the Bad, have not been seen in a while. However, the sub-adult males and females from the Ross Pride have been spotted. You can see them strolling around their territory in the videos we uploaded yesterday. Today, we feel the presence and strength of the Trilogy moving into Ross Pride territory. The dynamics of the Ross Pride of lions are literally changing on a day-to-day basis.

Check out our latest two video blogs depicting these interesting scenarios:

Compare the videos we have uploaded and observe the ever increasing confident behaviour from these new boys on the block. The Triology really are causing drama for the Ross Pride.

The Trilogy of lions are causing drama for the Ross Pride. But hey, this is Africa. Kings cannot always remain kings. New bloodlines must be created, warfare happens and only the strong survive. Welcome to the world of lions.


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