Trilogy and Ross Pride Update: Lion Charges Vehicle in Klaserie

As we suspected, the Trilogy of lions trying to take over the Ross Pride kingdom are a fierce coalition of lions. We have just heard from the team at nThambo Tree Camp that one of the Trilogy charged the game vehicle. One of the males came towards the vehicle and Isaac, our quick-witted tracker with lightning fast reflexes, climbed onto the bonnet for safety.

It is clear the Trilogy will “take no prisoners” in their quest to dominate the Ross Pride’s kingdom. They are trying to establish their place in the Klaserie and appear to be on the offensive. This is possibly because they are also mating with Mila; which makes them more aggressive and protective than ever before. Mila and Lisa are the 2 Ross Pride females who were hanging around the 3 Giraffe males. Lisa is lactacting which indicates the presence of cubs. We believe her cubs are in the Timbavati.

Does this mean that the Trilogy will kill off the Lisa’s cubs (infanticide) to force her back into estrus?  Either way, the Trilogy are now showing us just how fierce and determined they are.

We will upload a video of the Trilogy of lions later on today.


Trilogy charging the vehicle

The moment of truth. This is when one of the Trilogy charged the vehicle. Photo taken by Erik Kristin


The Trilogy - Lion with Scar

Battle wounds. This is a tough trio. Photo taken by Dave Jackson


One of the boys from the Trilogy

The stare down. Why are you on my turf? Photo taken by Dave Jackson


Male from the Trilogy

If looks could kill. This male from the Trilogy looks on with interest.

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