The Week in Pictures : A Feast for Your Eyes

We’ve been a bit delayed with our launch of this week’s “Week in Pictures”, but we’re sure our photographer’s mesmerising images will more than make up for our tardiness. Yet again we’ve enjoyed a veritable feast of sightings. From leopard kills to herbivores gorging on greens, and lion cubs practicing their take-down techniques; we’ve witnessed a broad spectrum of natural behaviours. We trust you’ll enjoy this week’s delayed delivery of images – an absolute feast for your eyes.

Chacma Bush Camp

Behold the lion cubs ! The Maseke lions cubs have – yet again – been spotted while out on game drive. The cubs are in good spirits, and are engaging in plenty of playful antics. Their play fighting will stand them in good stead for when they are fending for themselves in the wild. Dominant play tactics are vital for learning take-down skills and it also increases the bond between pride members.

Chacma Baboons Full Moon at Chacma Bush Camp Chasing Impalas Lion Cubs at Chacma

Ezulwini Game Lodges

Ezulwini continue to wow us with their wealth of sightings, and recent sightings of the Machaton male lions and the Kudyelas have been an absolute highlight. The hyena den is another highlight on the Ezulwini traverse, and guests are afforded ample opportunity to sit and observe the growing cubs.

Giraffe at Ezulwini Face of the Machaton Lions

Machaton Lions - Ezulwini Hyena at Ezulwini Game Lodges

Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Nothing unusual for Umkumbe this week in terms of sightings – just the standard, consistent sightings of leopards! Ntsumi the luscious leopard lass was spotted with a duiker kill. She led the vehicles to her meaty stash, and clambered up the tree to devour her meal. Plains game in the Sabi Sand is out in full force, and certainly adding bulk to sightings.

Giraffe at Umkumbe Zebra at Umkmbe Safari Lodge Umkumbe Leopard in Sabi Sand Leopards in Sabi Sand

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

The Klaserie camps have had a good balance of big cat sightings, with the stardom being shared by both lions and leopards. Firm favourite, Nyeleti, was spotted enjoy a kill at the base of a tree. Hunger dictated her hunting actions, and she took down a prey that was simply to heavy to hoist up into the tree. The lion pride dynamics always provide a sense of mystery to the traverse, and guides are constantly playing CSI when it comes to predicting their next movements. nThambo guide Reinhardt reported that the Mbiri male lions are spending ample timeon the Timbavati/Klaserie road, and the River Pride have also been spotted pushing through the traverse. About 4 days ago the African wild dogs were spotted close to camp where they were seen chasing impala. The elephants are still around camp, and there’s a bounty of big tuskers in the area.

Cape Buffalo in Waterhole Giraffe Africa on Foot Wild Dog at Africa on Foot Giraffe at nThambo Wild Dogs at nThambo Tree Camp Elephants at nThambo Tree Camp

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