The Week in Pictures: A Photography Round Up

Goings on at the camp are as exciting as ever and it seems that every major predator has come out to play. During our #livebushfeed edition on Wednesday, we were getting live reports from the rangers at Africa on Foot that the Trilogy Lions – a mean coalition of 3 males – was stalking and hunting buffalo. The guests were only 10m away in the game viewer listening to the panicked sounds of the buffalo as they dodged the charging lions 3 times! If this sort of thing excites you, then tune in next Wednesday between 4 and 7pm on Twitter and Instagram to catch the live action.


This is not the only hunt to have taken place in the Klaserie over the last week, as Courteney and Cecilia Blunden set out on night drive, only to come across a male leopard and his freshly killed kudu calf. As Cecilia snapped away, Courteney observed that the leopard failed to pull his prize up a tree, and sure enough, it was snatched up by a scavenging hyena!

Disappointed leopard watches as a hyena picks on his meal

Hyena steals kill from a leopard at Africa on Foot

Up at nDzuti Safari Camp, a big male lion was seen mating with a young lioness from the River Pride – an episode that was also captured on Wednesday’s #livebushfeed and filmed by Bruce Meeser (yet another reason not to miss out!) Down south in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Umkumbe Safari Lodge ranger, Cameron, captured some fantastic images of the epic African wild dog sighting their guests enjoyed; plus, territorial male leopard, Maxabeni, was seen in all his glory. (Get to know Maxabeni and learn how to identify him here). Also at Umkumbe, another one of Africa’s rarest predators was seen – a cheetah, looking pretty relaxed, posed for pictures during a very special game drive.

A cheetah treats the guests at Umkumbe to its graceful presence

Maxabeni, territorial male leopard often seen at Umkumbe

A wild dog just before the sun sets in the Sabi Sand

A young elephant showing a bit of attitude

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp are hosting superb wildlife photographers and filmmakers, Shannon and Russell – aka Shannon Wild and Russ Wildlife (check them out on Instagram where they are sharing all their wonderful photos at the camps). They are joining Photographer, Kevin MacLaughlin, in the field and have been there to capture some of the beautiful moments our guests have enjoyed this week on safari. Enjoy!

Hooded vulture hangs around a Trilogy lion kill

Spotted hyena looks on from the bush

A hippo displays his intimidating tusks

One of the Trilogy lions watches the game viewer from his hidden position

Africa on Foot guests get up close with elephants and enjoy a superb sighting

Lazy Ross Pride lioness snoozes as elephants look on

One of the Ross Pride breakaway lionesses snoozes peacefully... can you see her suckle marks?

A leopard in the shadows

In Botswana, where the concept of safari becomes something more wild and unadulterated than you can imagine, Camp Savuti and Camp Linyanti put up a show not to be missed. In Chobe’s Linyanti region, the silence of bird watching on the swamps can turn to the excitement of a leopard kill in the blink of an eye, while the Savuti is where visitors head to see the famous lions that are practised elephant hunters. Take a look at some of the highlights…

Rising from the afternoon siesta in the Savuti

The Savuti Pride settles at the channel to drink before an evening hunt

Giraffes stand tall next to the skeletal trees that characterise the Savuti

A little egret looks down from its perch in the Savute Marsh

Playful baboons entertain guests at Camp Linyanti

Young baboons play in the sun rays through the trees of the Linyanti

Red bishops and red-billed queleas gather on the tree tops in massive flocks