The Week in Pictures : Wide Open Spaces

The bustling hubs of city centres are in a comatose state. Industry has come to a stand still and human beings have retreated into their enclaves to comply with government lockdown rules. Across the world, one thing has become evident : Human beings are battling, but nature is recovering. The natural world is a choir of sounds normally drowned out by the chugging of trucks and assault of car horns.

Colours seem brighter, and amidst the fear and panic, our natural surrounds seem to be providing a sense of serenity. The Kruger bushveld is naturally a pristine, uncrowded and quiet part of the world. It appears our cities and residential areas are experiencing what we do on a daily basis : the calming effect of the natural world’s silence. When the busyness resumes, we encourage you to visit the bushveld to get in touch with that stillness.

Today, our Week in Pictures delves into the archives of our landscape and wide open spaces images. This is to show appreciation and gratitude for wide open spaces. When the madness has ceased we will never take our surrounds for granted, and will always take the time to look at things with “new eyes”.

Umkumbe Sunsets Umkumbe Landscape in Sabi Sand Hazy Sunsets at Umkumbe

Nsala Boma Campfire Nsala Campfire Bushveld Nsala Safari Camp

nThambo Elephants nThambo Sky in the Klaserie Sunsets in nThambo

Africa on Foot Wilderness Trails

Chacma Lion Cubs

Impala on the Horizon Orange Sunsets at Chacma

Chacma Bush Camp Horizon

Africa on Foot Birding Sunsets at Africa on Foot

Road Trip at Africa on Foot