Video of a Baby Elephant Trying to Walk and Play

This video footage of a baby elephant trying to walk and play with the rest of the herd is adorable. Notice how the matriarch tries help him get his back legs over the tree stump. You’ll notice many different types of behaviours in the below video. Below are a few facts about juvenile elephants – see if you can recognize any of the dependent behaviours as mentioned below.

Here are a few facts about juvenile elephants:
  • For the first 3 – 5 years the young calf is dependent on its mother for nutrition, hygiene, migration and health.
  • It takes a calf up to a year just to learn how to use their trunk effectively.
  • The first calves of the season are born two months before the rains. The vegetation and habitat is lush and makes it easy for the calves to feed.
  • A newborn is helped and guided to its feet by the mother and other females. They have the ability to stand within minutes of their birth.
  • Within two days the calf will join the herd and the females will protect the younger elephants. If you come across a breeding herd, the matriarchs are more unpredictable and dangerous than the males.
  • Between 4 – 6 months the young calves will begin to experiment with their trunks.

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