Week in Pics : Predators Play while Plains Game Stay Away

It’s that time of the week again, when we select our top images from our budding photographers to showcase their natural talent at capturing mesmerising moments in the Kruger. When the photos come flooding into our media folders, we look for a common thread throughout. This week, the panthera species are our shining light. The big cats have emerged from the darkest depths of the thickets and the plains game have scattered to quieter corners of the bushveld, but we’ve managed to track a variety of game across the board. We’ve had leopard kills, powerful male lions tracking females and birds of prey soaring over the landscape. But overall, it’s the week of the predators. Let’s give them their due and celebrate the presence of Africa’s most fearsome, brutal and regal beasts.

The Klaserie camps enjoyed a sighting that is best described as “one for the books”, and this has certainly proved to be the top highlight to have emerged across all camps. While watching the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses idle away their time under the shrubbery, 40 metres away a leopard was conducting a kill. Just when rangers thought this sighting had made history, the lone Sumatra male lion aggressively forced his way through where the Ross girls were resting. He smashed a kill against the tree, just below where the leopard (Cleo) was dining on her kill.

Ivory Wilderness Riversong Camp

Ivory Wilderness Bush Baby Elephant Hide Elephant Tusker Ezulwini

Xobega Island Camp in the Okavango Delta

Sunset Xobega Island Elephant Okavango Delta Roan Antelope Xobega


Ezulwini Game Lodges

Ezulwini Chameleon Ezulwini Elephant Zebra Ezulwini


Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Bird of Prey Oxpecker on Giraffe Mxabene the Male Leopard Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp  Young Leopard Cub Sumatra Male Africa on Foot Zebra Africa on Foot   nThambo Cape Buffalo nThambo Leopard Ross Pride Lionesses

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