Week in Pictures: A Journey Down Memory Lane

There are times when we look back on our lives with a sense of nostalgia. This is one of those time. We’re not living in the safari past but rather taking a moment to celebrate the winding paths which led us here. We’ve witnessed breathtaking events in the wild, both heartbreaking and heartwarming, at our camps. When you clamber into the game vehicle about to depart on a game drive, you cannot predict what will happen. And this is as nature intended.

Safari in Swahili means journey, which is exactly what this week’s “Week in Pictures” is about. Let’s celebrate our journey of the past few months and remember our rather imposing wildlife sightings.

nThambo Tree Camp and Africa on Foot

Who could forget the moment our guests spotted a white lionesses mating with one of the Trilogy males? Seeing a white lion in the wild is unforgettable. Spirit guides deem this as a life-changing experience and a future prediction of good luck.

Toward the beginning of the year when the Klaserie was arid and in desperate need of water, we noticed an increase in leopard sightings. The African wild dogs also came out to play and were seen trotting around close to the dried up waterholes. After the first rains hit and replenished the landscape, the grazers and browsers began their extravagant display. This of course drew the lions out of the woodwork and our sightings of the Trilogy males and the Ross Pride lionesses increased tenfold.

Currently, there are new lions exploring the Klaserie turf and we suspect a shifting dynamic in lion pride politics! A lone nomadic male, who we’ve now identified as the Mabande male has recently been spotted patrolling the Klaserie region around nThambo Tree Camp and Africa on Foot traverse.

And as for our feathered friends? They’re still flapping about enjoying a variety of weather conditions!

White Lioness Cheetah nThambo Woodland Kingfisher nThambo Elephant

Dazzle of Zebra Ross Pride Lioness Buffalo Herd Africa on Foot Africa on Foot Leopard

Ezulwini Game Lodges

Ezulwini Game Lodges have three major lion prides on their traverse. Over the past few months we’ve noticed split offs from various prides and Duma, the Olifants West dominant male, has been strutting his stuff lone ranger style.  The brief rains from a few months back also brought out the huge breeding herds of buffalo and elephants, which are almost always seen on game drives.

The natural death of collared Tusker Shoshangaan was devastating news to all and sundry, but the Balule continues to thrive despite the heartbreak.

Scrub Hare in Balule Ezulwini Sunset Shoshangaan Elephant Duma Male Lion

Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Leopard and lion sightings at Umkumbe Safari Lodge have once again been at the helm of things. Over the past few months, the abundance of leopard sightings was quite remarkable. Just recently, there has been increase in lion sightings, with plenty of males aggressively scent marking. A few months ago a leopard (White Dam) and her cub were caught on camera trap playfully fighting for a chance to devour their kill.

Sightings of large herbivores and the big five have been consistent over time, but here are a few of our favourite moments.

Umkumbe Zebra Foal African Wild Dog Mxabene Leopard Charleston Male Lion

John Chase Safaris

John Chase Safaris continues to impress with exceptional landscape and wildlife sightings throughout Botswana. The landscape is quite dry at the moment but with our mobile safari operation, we’re in the enviable position of being able to view game in a variety of areas.

Southern yellow-billed Hornbill Elephant Herds Botswana Lion in Botswana

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