Week in Pictures : Change is Upon Us!

We ease into the weekend with a sense of excitement as another week in the bushveld comes to a delicate end. We are entering a new season, which means the weather patterns will begin to show their erratic moods. The colours of our landscape will slowly begin to shift into new hues, and wildlife behaviour will follow suit.

We’re in the full swing of spring, but the coming summer months will bring with it the rains, which will replenish the lands and lush vegetation will struggle and burst through the arid landscape. Across the board, wildlife sightings have not dwindled and we expect to see migratory birds returning to roost. Change in the bushveld always provides the promise of something exciting!

This week, in our “Week in Pictures”, sightings at nThambo Tree Camp, Umkumbe Safari Lodge and Africa on Foot have stood out. The Klaserie camps have enjoyed plenty of lion sightings. The Mbiri males have returned with their two females in tow, the Trilogy male lion has been spotted with his sidekick, the Mafikizolo male and the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses continue to haunt the Klaserie traverse.

At Umkumbe Safari Lodge, male leopard Mxabene devoured his kill in the safety of a tree, while one of the Tsalala male lions appeared in a complete state of relaxation after a recent scuffle. The Tsalala male lions were actually spotted feasting on a buffalo kill while the Avoca lions were hovering around, waiting to steal their kill !

Here are a few of our favourite images from the week.

Africa on Foot Tusk Leopard Sighting Africa on Foot Mxabene Umkumbe Hyena at nThambo Hyena Cub Leopard at nThambo Zebra at nThambo African Sunset Saddle-billed Stork