Week in Pictures : Lions, Leopards and Everything in Between

Welcome to the “Week in Pictures”, a time to celebrate the events of the week. This week, across the board, we’ve seen a marked increase in big cat sightings. That’s not to say we haven’t enjoyed a wealth of other sightings such as plains game, pachyderms and rare creatures. Here’s the update and photos from the week!

Ezulwini Billy’s Lodge and Ezulwini River Lodge

The lazy lions and elusive leopards of the Balule have been spotted on numerous occasions during game drives. Part of the River Pride of lions were spotted in search of their next meal and the Mohlabetsi pride were also seen fighting their way through the scrub. The somewhat elusive leopards provided a fair bit of action in the Balule on Wednesday night. The Van Wijk’s leopardess and another unknown female were spotted. The unknown female was quietly enjoying her steenbok meal when the Van Wijk’s female decided to launch an attack and take the meal for herself! While the large pachyderms, gentle herbivores and poised plains game have been seen regularly; this week in the Balule has been more about big cats than anything else!

Balule Impala on the Move

Balule Dagga Boys

Mohlabetsi Male Van Wijk's Leopardess

Umkumbe Safari Lodge

There’s plenty of action in the Sabi Sand at the moment. Huge herds of elephant have been spotted on the banks of the Sand River, the plains game are nervously running around and the big cats have been quite vocal. Guests and rangers have enjoyed two rare sightings of a serval and pangolin, which is most certainly a highlight of the week. On the leopard front, both the Bicycle Crossing male and White Dam female have been spotted. Bicycle Crossing was enjoying a leisurely break from patrolling and having a quick lie down when a hyena sauntered past for a quick sniff and inspection. White Dam walked alongside the game viewer and posed quite nicely for photographs! Rangers also managed to locate the Charleston male lions relaxing with five females and two cubs.

Bicycle Crossing Male

White Dam Leopardess

Charleston Males

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

Guests at nThambo Tree Camp have been enjoying watching the breeding herds of elephants drinking from the splash pool. This is now a daily occurrence at camp. They march past the wooden chalets and head straight to the pool where plenty of chaos and mayhem ensues! When darkness falls and the main area of the lodge says goodbye to its last human guests, the nocturnal creatures come to visit. Ranger Bjorn set up a camera trap which took videos and stills of rare civets and honey badgers enjoying a sniff around the bar and lounge area!

Both Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp have been rewarded with plenty of African wild dog sightings. It is their denning period so during this time they will remain sedentary and their nomadic ways will cease while they rear their pups. Hopefully guests and rangers will get to see pups soon! Big cats sightings include the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses drinking at the waterhole, the Marula Mafasi leopardess resting in the shade and contact calling from lions further afield.

Plains game, pachyderms, buffalo and birds are always roaming the Klaserie. The Klaserie has spotted plenty of the small creatures and herbivore giants over the past week.

nThambo Buffalo Bull

nThambo Civet nThambo Elephant nThambo Kudu Bull

Africa On Foot Baboons Africa On Foot Wild Dogs

Ross Pride Breakaways Ross Pride Lioness

Xobega Island Camp and Tuskers Bush Camp

Our Botswana camps located in the waterways of the Okavango Delta and the arid scrub areas of northern Botswana make for incredible game viewing opportunities.  Here are a few of the finest moments shared with predators, herbivores and breathtaking landscapes.
Tuskers Buffalo Tuskers Zebra Red Lechwe Pels Fishing Owl