Xobega Island Camp : Delights of the Delta

Gentle jumbos push their way through the crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta while bloats of hippo guard their channels with an alarming sense of aggression. Waders, passerines, kingfishers and birds of prey feed off the abundance of life arising from the waterways of one of the world’s largest inland water systems. Rare swamp dwelling antelopes curiously eye out their onlookers through tall, symmetrical reeds. The Okavango Delta is the land where wildlife roams free, a domain that is theirs to protect and patrol. As we glide by on our traditional mekoros and motorboats, we admire the sheer abundance of game in Africa’s paradise.

In the midst of the world dominated by wildlife lies the remote Xobega Island Camp, which forms part of our Botswana Trails route. Paired with the desolate Tuskers Bush Camp in the Kwatale Conservancy, Xobega adds a more water based experience to your safari. Getting there is half the fun. You’ll enjoy a day game drive through the Moremi Game Reserve, stopping en route to track wildlife and observe life at the many pans dotted throughout this pristine part of the world.

Upon arrive at Mboma boat station, you will have the option of enjoying a brief and gentle meander through the channels on a traditional mekoro (you’ll need to arrange this beforehand). Once your brief adventure activity is complete you’ll clamber onboard the motorboat that will deliver you to our very own slice of paradise.

The gentle hum of the engine purrs its way through the Delta while territorial hippos and sleazy crocs analyse the presence of humans in their turf. There is so much life in the Okavango Delta that you don’t even need to try find it. After an hour or so, an island shrouded in mystery appears out of nowhere. On the banks, where the water laps gently at the shores of the island, you’ll see warm smiles from our staff ready and eager to welcome you to Xobega Island.

The camp houses 10 Meru style tents interlinked by lush walkways and individual tents are rustic, yet comfortable. Ideal for the explorer and adventure lover, Xobega combines the best of a water-based safari and “glamping” experience. Your stay will include exquisite jaunts around the periphery of the island on a private boat while watching the sun fall into the palm-fringed horizon.

Xobega Island Camp is unknown Africa. A place where civilisation is a far cry from the wild wonders of this region of Botswana.

Xobega Island Camp guest tent

Sunset in the Okavango Delta with Xobega Island Camp boat cruise

Xobega Elephant Elephant Crossing the Delta Hippo at Xobega Island Xobega Mekoro Sacred Ibis Xobega Island

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