Botswana Safari Camps and Lodges

Our Botswana safari camps and lodges offer each visitor a memorable adventure in safari hotspots scattered around this sought-after safari destination in Africa. From glamping on the shores of the Okavango Delta's myriad of waterways to spotting the famed Savuti lions in Chobe National Park, and experiencing mokoro rides in a community-orientated concession outside of Maun; Botswana unveils a world of wildlife wonder waiting to be explored.

Chobe and Okavango Delta Safari

If you're looking for the perfect Chobe and Okavango Delta safari experience, then we have just the ticket. All of our Botswana lodges either offer activities to these renowned areas, or are located in these areas. Camp Savuti is ideal for a world-class safari in an uncrowded corner of the Chobe National Park, while Mboma Island Expeditions is the go-to camp for your Okavango Delta safari.