Gorilla Portraits from Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest 

If you walk a mere 8 minutes from Gorilla Safari Lodge you’ll find yourself at the briefing point for a gorilla trekking safari in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This primeval forest and its hilly volcanic, jungle-laden terrain provides the perfect habitat for a variety of primates, of which include abundant gorilla family groups. Gorilla trekking is a holiday of a lifetime, and Gorilla Safari Lodge is the perfect base to enjoy your sought after bucket list experience.  There are two types of experiences available, which include : gorilla trekking and the gorilla habituation experience. Photographer Em Gatland spent many memorable moments capturing a range of gorilla expressions experienced while observing their antics in the wild. The experience is humbling !

Gorilla Trekking is an unforgettable experience, and guests can choose the level of difficulty when it comes to trekking. At the briefing point of the trek you will meet like-minded adventurers, all there for the same reason. You will be briefed about your gorilla trekking adventure and the etiquette/rules for when you’re in the presence of these powerful primates. You will be assigned a gorilla family that you will track and observe. Experienced gorilla trackers and porters will lead the way on the slopes of the volcanoes.

You will start from the site where the gorillas were encountered the day before and from here the gorilla tracking begins. The hike can be easy and it can be physically demanding. This all depends on the hike you’ve chosen, and where the gorillas are located.

Follow the mountain gorillas as they move freely in the impenetrable forest, and observe them while they feed, communicate and vocalise.

You are allowed an hour with the gorillas before heading back to your lodge.


The Gorilla Habituation Experience is slightly different to the trekking experience. It involves the trekking and hiking part, but you become part of something bigger. You will be out for the day, heading deep into the depths of the jungle to find the gigantic wild mountain gorillas. This is an intimate experience, where you are afford the opportunity of spending up to 4 hours with the gorillas. Porters, guides and researchers will accompany you on your trek. The aim is to habituate the wild gorillas to the presence of humans.

This experience is only available in Uganda (Rushaga) where Gorilla Safari Lodge is located. This incredible experience is all part of getting a gorilla family used to human presence, a process which takes 2 – 3 years.

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