Guests on Walk Spot Ross Pride Breakaway Lionesses

The Ross Pride Breakaway females still hold pride of place in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve and the Timbavati Game Reserve; and prove time and time again to be a formidable force within the reserves. The Klaserie is their turf and those who dare cross their land are in for a potential showdown. These are two lionesses who’ve shown us the survival instinct and they live a true guts and glory lifestyle (their maternal skills leave a lot to be desired!).

The Trilogy boys are the male lions often see mating with the Ross girls. One of them sired a litter of cubs with one of the Ross breakaways. Unfortunately, the cubs were killed under rather dubious circumstances at the hands of the notorious Hercules Pride of lions. As a result, these two lionesses are incredibly protective over each other and their turf.

With that history in mind, this brings us to Friday’s event. Mike Beard was out on the morning walk with Africa on Foot guests when they stumbled across the Ross Pride Breakaways. Here’s Mike’s version of events.

“We were out on our morning walk and stopped for our normal coffee break. We heard about 4 or 5 lions contact calling and quickly made our way towards the calls. As we headed north we heard two contact calls, which sounded incredibly close. We found an elevated area on a termite mound and hid in the shrubbery, lying in wait. We managed to see the two Ross Pride lionesses together. We stayed with them for about 15 minutes and then watched them head west.” – Mike Beard, Africa on Foot ranger.

Our rangers speculate that the Ross girls heard the calling from the neighbouring lions and decided to investigate. Both Mike and Greg think that the other calls were originating from the Hercules Pride and the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses appeared to be “chasing” them as they were permanently on the move.

Were the lionesses of the Klaserie chasing away a pride attempting to invade their territory? We’ll have to keep watch over the dynamics and see what unfolds in the coming weeks!

Ross Pride Lioness

Ross Pride Breakaway Females

Ross Pride Lionesses

Two Klaserie Lionesses

Lioness Rolls in Dung

Ross Lioness

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