Mankwe’s Mopane Wonderland and Natural Surrounds

Mankwe Tented Retreat is centrally located in an accessible area for self-drivers, yet is surrounded by wild and untamed bushveld. The actual lodge sits among the evergreen mopane trees, which provide plenty of shade and a welcome recess from endless days of the harsh African sun.

The 12 tented suites and main lodge area occupy a flawless spot in a 300 000 hectare private concession on the eastern boundary of Moremi Game Reserve . This is a prestigious territory in the wild wonderland of Botswana, where the lack of fences allows for free-roaming wildlife, resident lions, an abundance of elephants, and incomprehensible room to explore.

The lodge is on the doorstep of the Okavango Delta, and is the perfect place to explore the surrounding region and periphery of the various concessions. Immediate surrounds give rise to the perfect habitat for a wealth of birdlife to thrive, and is a great place to spot woodland specials like the Levaillant’s cuckoo and fiery-necked nightjar.

On the concession itself, there’s plenty of activity from wild dogs, hyena, honey badger, and elephants. Being located on the outskirts of the Moremi means that you are only an hour away from Moremi South Gate, where you will have the opportunity to spot the big five, predators and plenty of plains game. Moremi and the Okavango Delta is where the magic happens.

One can expect a varied ecosystem and biome, with plenty of flora. Tall trees grow in areas where there is ample water supply, such as the swamps of the Delta and pans of the Moremi. The natural surroundings when you drive towards Khwai and the Delta, greatly contrasts the vegetation surrounding Mankwe. The mopane gradually changes to sightings of papyrus, real fan palms, sycamore fig trees, sausage trees, wild date palms and African mangosteens. You may also notice baobab trees dotted across our Kwatale Conservancy, and marula, acacia and camel thorn species. The varied habitat allows for many species of wildlife to thrive.

Mankwe Tented Retreat is located only 96km from Maun, and is easily and affordably accessed by self-drivers from Maun Airport. Although not within the Moremi and the Delta, it certainly provides easy access to major safari areas. We suggest pre-arranging your safaris to these areas in conjunction with enjoying game drives in our immediate conservancy. This will allow you to experience the best that Botswana has to offer.

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Aerial View of Mankwe Tented Retreat Boma