The Week in Pictures : Wilderness, Rainforest and Coastal Perfection

Well…Haven’t we been a tad bit quiet on the Week in Pictures front? That’s a rhetorical question. We’ve been tightly wrapped in a chrysalis of work and travel, but now we’re back with an elephant-memory vengeance. And we’re most certainly going to make up for lost time with these creative images from our guides and photographers.  These are our recent (and favourite) images from our camps and lodges scattered around the pockets of wilderness, rainforest and coastal perfection in southern and east Africa. We’ll continue to update you weekly, and feature the camps that deliver exciting news and recent photographs from the “week that was”. In the meantime, we trust you’ll enjoy browsing through a few of our favourite photos from the past couple of weeks. We owe you a bumper edition, so here it is ! 


5 of our Kruger camps stood out this week in terms of sightings and delivery of memorable images.

Over the past few months a new group/coalition of lions have infiltrated the traverse around Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp. The coalition of 6 (comprising 1 female and 5 males) is seen on a regular basis, and have just recently been named. The new name is the Vuyela coalition, which means “The Return” in Shangaan. The team are still establishing the coalition’s origins and in due course we’ll share opinions, sightings and historical data of this burgeoning group of lions. The most recent sighting

Angele from Ezulwini Game Lodges always has the scoop when it comes to sightings. Normally at the helm of the game viewer, armed with her camera, she always manages to delight us with fresh updates from our luxury Balule lodge. The past few weeks guests at River Lodge enjoyed a plethora of carnivore sightings, with the most notable sighting being that of the African wild dogs tottering about.

The Kudyela lionesses and their cubs continue to dominate the feline sightings, and the mad Machaton’s seem to have returned to their turf. A lone River Pride lioness was located a few hundred metres from one of the suites, contact calling to the rest of her pride on the other side of the river. The presence of lions certainly hasn’t deterred the leopards (which is often the case) and local rosette legends Faka Nchovela, Nkanyi and Chavaluthu came out to play.

The elephants have returned to Chacma Bush Camp, and guests are enjoying watching the herds from the comfort of the patio. The rains have hit the Maseke, and soon we’ll see a replenished landscape and bursts of green popping up everywhere. Interestingly enough, the leopards of Chacma have also started to show face !

Umkumbe Safari Lodge really stole the show with their recent sighting of a caracal on a kill. What a unique sighting for the team! Guide Shaun Atkinson was on the scene, and managed to capture a few crisp and perfect images. Lions were littering the dry riverbed in front of the lodge, while elephant herds traversed the riverbank in front of the pride. Yet another noteworthy sighting from the deck. And the Sabi Sand leopards? Yes – there have been plenty of leopard sightings while out on drive. The lions most commonly spotted on drive with the passionate Umkumbe team include the Othawa male and the Mhangeni lionesses.

All in all, another successful week of contrasting sightings in the Greater Kruger.

Ezulwini Birds of Prey Leopards of Ezulwini

Vuyela on Kill Vuyela Lions in Klaserie Vuyela Coaltion of Lions Nyeleti Africa on Foot Leopards at Chacma Bush Camp Waterholes and Hyenas Hyena at Chacma Lion Cubs at Chacma Giraffe at Chacma Sunsets in the Klaserie

Vultures at Africa on FootSabi Sand Leopard Lions of Umkumbe Safari Lodge Caracal at Umkumbe Safari Lodge Cheetah of Umkumbe Lions of Umkumbe Wild Dogs at Umkumbe Safari Lodge


Our blissful tropical lodge, Sava Dunes, is Mozambique’s best-kept secret. Located in a remote area between Barra and Tofo, along a pristine stretch of beach, this luxury eco-lodge is most certainly the perfect place for a beach break. Pair it with one of our sister company’s lodges (Rukiya Safari Camp) for the perfect beach and bush holiday!

In Sava Dunes news, the family garden facing cottage is up and running; and adds a nice new addition to the ocean facing cottages. It sleeps 4 people and is ideal for families with teenagers. Whale season was successful, and guests enjoyed plenty of sightings of humpback whales in front of the lodge.

Tofo Coast of Mozambique Tropical Landscapes


Camp Savuti and Camp Linyanti are located in predator central within the Chobe National Park, and even though the Savuti channel is dry, it still enjoys plenty of predator action. Recent highlights from a trip to the Savuti and Linyanti region delivered astounding results.

Camp Savuti in Botswana Camp Savuti Botswana Lechwe at Linyanti Leopards of the Linyanti in Botswana


Our Uganda properties are ticking over nicely and our recently released Trails of Uganda packages have proven to be quite popular with eager trekkers. Gorilla Safari Lodge and Crater Safari Lodge are both located in a raw paradise in the heart of rainforests and crater lakes.

Chimps in Uganda Gorillas in Uganda