Visual Update from the Karoo’s Roam Private Game Reserve

From meerkat observations to bush dinners, and fitting GPS collars on female cheetah; Roam is certainly making strides in terms of the safari experience and conservation initiatives. We’ve decided to furnish you with a few updates, both written and visual. 

The recent introduction of a female cheetah into Roam’s expansive semi-desert landscape, proved to be a highlight within the 5000 hectare reserve. About a year ago, two male cheetah were relocated into terrain where they thrived and roamed free centuries ago. The goal was to introduce a female cheetah as soon as the males became established and comfortable in their new home. Cue the emergence of a feisty feline !

On May 1st the female’s GPS collar was fitted and the boma gate left open for to explore her new domain. The cheetah conservation efforts at Roam are proving to be rather successful. In terms of timelines, everything is going according to plan. The eager team at Roam are hoping to see cubs in the near future!

Cheetah at Roam Private Game Reserve Cheetah in the Great Karoo

Cheetah at Roam Private Game Reserve Roam Cheetah in Boma

The meerkat observation requires plenty of patience from onlookers. Hawk-eyes are required to spot the camouflaged sentinels that bolt-up briefly and disappear in a micro second. It’s tricky to photograph the gangs because of their almost neurotic methods of scurrying around. With time and with the team keeping track of their whereabouts, the meerkats will become far easier to see in the wild. Over the past few months sightings have certainly increased and photographer Teagan managed to snap a few photos of the meerkats.

Roam Meerkats Roam Observing Meerkats

Bush Dinner in Great Karoo Game Drive in Roam Private Game Reserve Roam Reserve Giraffe Roam Star Trails

Bird ringing, buffalo observation and general game viewing remain a constant source of entertainment within our reserve. Springbok and giraffe continue to provide consistent sightings. Springbok are synonymous with the Great Karoo and area actually quite a historically significant species. Don will be sure to tell you about the sheer abundance of our national animal and how the herds used to cover the landscape – these migrating antelope were called  “trekbokke” .  A history lesson best left told by Don around the crackling campfire!

Springboks at Roam Private Game Reserve Springbok in Roam

Teagan, Gem and Rogan have all recently been on assignment at Roam Private Game Reserve. During their stay it became abundantly clear that Roam is not only conscious safari experience, but offers all the fun, frills and added extras that one would expect from a Kruger safari experience. There was a bush dinner set-up while Teagan was there, walks in the wilderness, game drives, campfires, sundowner stops, stargazing sessions at the pool and crack-of-dawn coffee sessions.

The folders of images from Roam reinforce the fact that Roam is not your average safari or conservation expedition – it’s an EXPERIENCE. An experience that marries luxury wilderness holidays with the opportunity to give-back. Even the category of “sports” has been covered at Roam – it’s become a unique destination for mountain bikers around the world. Mountain biking, safari and conservation – only at Roam !

Roam Mountain Biking Mountain Biking in the Great Karoo