Week in Pictures: A Feast for the Eyes

First of all, happy Friday one and all! It’s already a good day, and can only be made better by this long list of some of the best wildlife photography to come out of our Kruger and Botswana safari lodges this week. It’s been a cracker all round, with predator sightings from top to bottom, African giants feasting on new summer greens, amazing flying ants and bull frogs emerging after the Kruger rains, and those fantastic herds of herbivores indulging in the presence of grass.

Photographer, Em Gatland, is currently on assignment in Botswana where she is travelling between Tuskers Bush Camp and Xobega Island Camp, traversing the Moremi Game Reserve as she trundles one of the most majestic landscapes of the country. A pride of lions with sleepy cubs in tow were spotted relaxing at the foot of a tree, making up one of the top sightings of the day, as guests took the usual transfer between the two camps.

In the Kruger, our Sabi Sand safari lodge, Umkumbe, offers some of the best leopard viewing in the Kruger, and this week was no different with a fantastic sighting of Mxabene male leopard taking down a waterbuck! Up in the Klaserie, a predator safari was the order of the day one morning when guests at nThambo Tree Camp got the Mapoza male lion on a buffalo kill, and after that, a pack of wild dogs only moments after landing an impala!

Here are the highlights of the week, from exquisite sunsets, zebras in black and white, lions by night, and birds in gorgeous light. Welcome to our Friday photography special with the Week in Pictures: A Feast for the Eyes!


Africa on Foot, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger

Pups feed first as an adult female of the wild dog pack keeps watch

Basking in the last of the sun before darkness falls and the threats of the night are upon us

The final show of light for the day is always the most beautiful

A Mapoza male lion repositions his grip with the deathly extraction of his claws

Umkumbe Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Greater Kruger

A marabou stork on a rolling lawn of new summer green

The tallest of the African land mammals looks coyly over his shoulder at his earth-bound admirers

Elephants at every level

An impala ram strolls into the sunset, bathed in golden light

Tuskers Bush Camp, Kwatale Conservancy, Northern Botswana

Gazing at the heavens, one of Africa's littlest kings

Optical illusions in the mass migration of zebras through Botswana

Xobega Island Camp, Okavango Delta, Northern Botswana

A stork making delivery in the Okavango Delta

Kudu bulls staying close as they move through the open in Moremi Game Reserve

nThambo Tree Camp, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger

Waiting to devour the dead: nature's clean-up crew

King of beasts, king of the night

The zebra: always a vision in black and white

Breakaway lioness on the prowl

Ezulwini Game Lodges, Balule Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger

A monstrous declaration of territory

A young elephant shows the first signs of its tushers as it reaches to grasp the green growth of leaves

A hooded vulture checking if the coast is clear...

Feasting on the new abundance of leaves

John Chase Safaris, Mobile Safaris in Botswana

A waterbuck stands proud, backlit by the morning light

Agreeing to disagree: a hippo and a Nile crocodile

An African jacana bows to greet its reflection

Kudu cow domino effect