Week in Pictures: A Week to Remember

This week, we’ve celebrated elephants, been awed by lions, laughed at hyenas, and ogled leopards in all their glory. It’s been a week of big game encounters, breath-taking sunsets, stellar skies, and experiences to last a lifetime; and now we get to play back our favourite moments to you in the form of our Week in Pictures photoblog! Enjoy these shots capturing the details, the movements, the moments, and the sheer beauty of the world that surrounds us. From a hyena’s toothy grin in the Sabi Sand, to a Klaserie giraffe licking its lips at twilight, watercolour butterflies and rock-climbing elephants in Balule, to bloated little lion cubs in Botswana – it’s been a week to remember!

Africa on Foot, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park

Highlights: Lions fight over a kuduWhat to expect on a walking safari

An elephants smells the air as the light begins to fade at sunset

The bristly tail-end of a leathery elephant

The shy Mapoza male lion glares skeptically at us from his hiding place in the winter bush

A Breakaway lioness feeds hungrily as she knows the Mapoza males are closing in on her kill

nThambo Tree Camp, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger Park

Highlights: Celebrating elephants; Wild dog pups emerge from the den

A giraffe ends a day's feast at an acacia tree as darkness sets on the Klaserie

An elephant grips the upper reaches of a knob thorn tree and offers us the perfect silhouette at sunset

A dazzle of zebra pass us in a blur of movement as a drum roll of hooves hit the ground

A clan of hyena arrive on the scene of a leopard kill and sniff the ground for scraps dropped from the occupied tree above

Umkumbe Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Greater Kruger Park

Highlights: Leopard update with Ranger Marius

White Dam's male cub has grown up in the spotlight alongside his mother, and has now perfected the look of nonchalance

A mother elephant stands protectively over her calf as the pair of them feeds happily

The famous Toothfairy - female hyena adept at stealing leopard kills and finding herself tasty morsels in the Sabi Sand

The presence of vultures on treetops is a clear indicator of something beginning to rot down below

Ezulwini Game Lodges, Balule Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger

Highlights: Balule lion fights & Singwe Pride mating

There's extraordinary beauty everywhere you look, and a yellow pansy butterfly is nothing less than eye-catching

A young baboon demonstrates its acrobatic ability in the trees around Ezulwini

Watching in amazement as elephants lumber over the rocky outcrops in the Balule. Don't be fooled by the elephants seemingly clumsy build - these animals can get to surprising places

A bateleur eagle shows off its unique colours as it scans its surroundings for a bite to eat

Tuskers Bush Camp, Private NG43 Concession, Botswana

Highlights: All in a game drive at Tuskers

A lion cub manages to rise from its food-induced- slumber to reposition before flopping down again for some shut-eye

A white-backed vulture glares hungrily at the lion's prey below, willing the predators to abandon the carcass

A spotted hyena determines how close it can get to the lion's kill...

Tuskers' namesake, a big elephant bull, approaches the game viewer and shows his full size

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