Week in Pictures : Stripes, Fur, Helmets and Plumes

Dazzles of zebra, leaps of leopard, proud lion prides and baleful buffalo herds take centre stage in today’s week in pictures. We’ve become used to seeing our big cats stealing leading roles in the wild, but we always have time to stop and observe the smaller species that play a vital role in the success of the wild.

This week, the Klaserie came out tops with its leopard sightings. Three leopards were spotted in quick succession – Ross Dam and her two sub-adult cubs! We’ve indulged in plenty of extra viewing pleasure of Ross Dam and her cubs. We mainly see Bundu the male cub traversing new ground and attempting to conduct his own kills.

Coupled with that, we uncovered a new pride of lions which were seen on more than one occasion. Then of course, we had Duma from the Balule colluding with the lone ranger Mabande male lion.

Balule has obviously said goodbye to its golden mane leader, Duma, who is now patrolling the corridors of the Klaserie. Duma’s Pride are still very much a force within the traverse and were recently spotted while out on evening game drive.

Umkumbe’s leopardess, Kigelia, enjoyed the limelight and seemed to be completely unfazed by her onlookers. The Sparta Pride of lions, the Houdini’s of the bushveld, returned to their old stomping ground. They haven’t been spotted in over year and now the Umkumbe rangers have been privy to many sightings of this rare pride.

Botswana still continues to enthrall us with its high concentration of game around dwelling in the depths of the Okavango Delta and the hiding in the mopane scrub and thickets of Tuskers Bush Camp.

Enjoy your weekend and we hope you enjoy what’s on offer in your habitat!

Ezulwini Billy’s Lodge and Ezulwini River Lodge

Duma's Pride sub-adult Elephant in the Bushveld Ezulwini Balule Stars Ezulwini Sky and Sunset

Umkumbe Safari Lodge
 Kigelia the Leopard Kigelia Leopardess Pied Kingfisher Umkumbe Sparta Lionesses Umkumbe

Xobega Island Camp and Tuskers Bush Camp

Giraffe at Tuskers Zebra Tuskers Bush Camp Zebra Herds Tuskers Yellow-billed Stork Xobega

Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp

Buffalo Boss - Klaserie Buffalo Cow - Klaserie Bundu - Ross Dam's Cub Duma the Lion Duma the Male Lion Bundu Male Leopard Cub Dazzle of Zebra Zebra in the Klaserie


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