When the buffaloes come for coffee at Camp Linyanti

One of the highlights of a morning game drive (aside from the epic wildlife encounters and watching the bush come alive) is the coffee break. Just as the morning is warming up and your tummy starts to grumble, your well-prepped guide pulls up to a nice, scenic spot in the bush and pulls out the flasks and muffins.

This is your chance to explore the area with your binoculars, take in the silence, and photograph those birds you keep speeding passed. It’s been a while since your pre-dawn coffee ‘n rusk and these mid-morning snacks are very welcome, but you can never quite foresee the presence of Africa’s most fierce bovids at your coffee spot!

At Camp Linyanti, guests were unexpectedly visited by a group of buffalo, on their morning tea break. This region of the Chobe National Park is renowned for its abundance of big game, ungulate migrations, and huge herds of buffalo.

You never can predict what is going to happen in the bush, and you should always be prepared, especially when it comes to these large, horned herbivores, but what happens most often is this: a moment spent witnessing Africa’s wild animals in their natural habitat. Just some of Africa’s Big 5 passing by…

Buffaloes join guests for coffee

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