Leopard antics at Mapula Lodge

Leopards are some of the most sought after cats in the world. These spotted beauties are far more elusive than lions and are seen in much fewer habitats, but in fact, leopards are the most prolific of the cat species. Living and hunting alone, leopards stay well hidden, so when you see the swish of a white-tipped tail or hear its rasping growl, get those cameras ready.

At Mapula Lodge in the remote north-western corner of the Okavango Delta, a mother leopard and her grown cub were spotted hanging out in a tree with what was left of an impala kill. Usually, leopards are solitary animals and do not share their food, but the exception arises with the relationship between a mother and her cubs, who will often remain together until the cubs are 18months old.


Female leopards are exceptionally good mothers (raising their cubs alone) and will protect and provide for their young for the first year of their lives – leopards are capable of making their first kill at about 11 months old. In this video you can see the fearsome interaction between leopard and hyena, which is a common occurrence in the wild. Leopard cubs suffer a high mortality rate because of lions and hyenas, and once they are grown, leopards are in constant battle with hyenas for food.

Mapula Lodge is in a prime, private location on the border of the Moremi Game Reserve and exclusive sightings like this are some of the most special safari memories, even for the most veteran traveller!

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