The Strapping Machaton Lions of Ezulwini Game Lodges

A couple of years ago the dominant Mohlabetsi coalition ruled their land with aggressive power. Various male coalitions refused to challenge the 6 broad-shouldered beasts, and retreated quickly when confronted. The Machatons proved to be serious contenders for the kingdom, and certainly fought for the territory they so desperately wanted. After a time of helter-skelter, scuffles and brewing tensions, the Machatons successfully overthrew the Mohlabetsi.

Their infiltration started slowly, until eventually the Machatons dominated most of Ezulwini game lodges male lion sightings. The beefy individuals ensured that they would remain the Kings by very quickly mating with available females, advertising their presence, patrolling, and scent marking

The Machatons have now have a shared dynasty with the Kudyela lionesses. They sired cubs with the burly boys, ensuring the Machaton bloodline remains strong and prominent within the Balule. The cubs and Kudyelas are spotted on a regular basis, and on occasion the Machatons are seen. The kings are normally out patrolling their territory and protecting their brethren. When Rogan Kerr spent time with the dynamic team from Ezulwini, he was rewarded with ample lion sightings. Upon arrival there were – quite literally – piles of lions! Did he see the bumbling cubs? Yes he did. Did he see their mothers, the Kudyelas? Yes he did. But the most exciting news of all is that he was able to photograph the Machatons.

This latest batch of images includes the Kudyelas, cubs  and Machatons in the same sighting. Male lions are quite nomadic and often don’t hang around their pride. They tend to focus on safeguarding their kingdom and warding off potential threats from younger lions pushing boundaries.

The lion cubs are roughly between 9 – 11 months old and belong to the 4 Kudyela lionesses (2 cubs, 2 cubs, 3 cubs, 3 cubs). There are 10 lion cubs in total sired by a combination of the Machaton boys. Click on this link to find out more about these lion cubs at Ezulwini Game Lodges.



Male Lion Machaton Balule

Lion cubs of Ezulwini Game LodgesThe Cubs in the Balule
Ezulwini Lion Cubs in Balule

Kudyela Lioness Lioness in Shrubbery Lion Cubs in Balule Lion Cub in Shrubbery

Machatons of Ezulwini Game Lodges Machaton Male Lions - Ezulwini Face of the Balule

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